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The Elegant Southern Burgundy Tour offers breathtaking countryside views stemming from the rich romantic way of life leading to incredibly ornate Roman architecture from Tournus to the noble ruins of Cluny.

Saone & Loire  Saone & Loire  Saone & Loire
Delve into breathtaking countryside views on the Elegant Southern Burgundy Tour. Papal interest in this region bred a rich monastic way of life leading to the incredibly ornate construction of scores of beautiful churches and abbeys, which have dotted the landscape of Southern Burgundy for a millennium. Villages rivaled each other after the middle ages via architecture, leading to some of the most magnificent chateaux and splendid town centres in all of France.

There is no better way to experience the beauty of Southern Burgundy than with a private driver and native guide. This personal attention and flexible schedule is exactly what the Elegant Southern Burgundy Tour offers to it's fortunate clientele. Picturesque markets, centuries old castles and scenic drives from one testament to another leaves little time for boredom on this culturally emerging journey that more than surpasses Southern Burgundy's already sterling reputation.

At A Glance

  • Location: Burgundy

  • Access: Le Creusot TGV Train Station

  • Start City: Le Creusot

  • End City: Le Creusot

  • Areas Visited: Southern Burgundy, Saone & Beaujolais

  • Trip Length: 3 Nights & 4 Days

  • Activities & Highlights: The picturesque riverside towns of Chalon Sur Saone & Tournus, Discovery of the Maconnais and Bresse regions.

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